Movie Gehenna: Where Death Lives (2016) download free

Movie Gehenna: Where Death Lives download free! Book Title: Gehenna: Where Death Lives
Directors: Hiroshi Katagiri
Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Country: Japan
Language: English
Release Date: 2016-10-06
Runtime: 105 min
Stars: Doug Jones,Lance Henriksen,Patrick Gorman
IMDb Rating: 7.5

Full movie description "Gehenna: Where Death Lives":

A group visits Saipan to search for locations for their company's newest resort. As they find what they think is the perfect spot, they discover a hidden bunker on the property which they decide to explore. However, they soon find out that curiosity can kill. As each member faces their most private secrets and the secrets of the bunker itself, the results lead to a most shocking conclusion. ...

Movie Gehenna: Where Death Lives download free

Reviews of the Gehenna: Where Death Lives

The movie was very good, keeping in mind the budget was only $250,000. The opening moments show the beauty of Saipan and how vivid it is, making you have the feeling of being in an exotic place since the camera work, photography and overall coverage was very well shot. The story takes place around a development team researching a location for a new five-star resort and the team arrive to meet their contact Alan (Simon Phillips), a local land seller along with the lovable assistant, Pepe (Sean Sprawling). There are a few comedic moments with Pepe involved and the planning team along with Alan cleverly depicting the need to domesticate and develop every wild and untouched location across the globe for profit.

While surveying the property they discover something unusual and the decide to go and have a look to see what it is. Once they arrive they discover an entrance to a world war two bunker. Since the bunker was built on ancient burial grounds, this serves as the plot for the team becoming trapped in the bunker as things turn more terrifying as they are faced with the torment of their past, all the guilt and sins they have committed come to life and serve as their fear and danger while they are trapped in the bunker. They soon discover an old man (Doug Jones) who is tall thin and scary looking, as he lunges at Alan, he panics and pushes the man into the wall who hits his head and dies shortly after. Once he dies a loud earthquake like shaking happens and the team pass out, waking to discover they are trapped in the bunker.

The set design was fairly good, however for a horror movie, things just seemed too well-lit to add anything to the fear factor many horror movies create. This is often a crucial element to add suspense and drama to those dark corridors and rooms, but since it was very well lit it made the encounters somewhat predictable. At some points you can see the seams in the set which could have been hidden had it been a little darker. As the team wander around the bunker trying to find a way out they start to discover oddities.

The effects and makeup was very good and for a movie that does not use CGI, it was very effective. The downfall, was that we just don't see enough of the "creatures" and their scenes are often very short. The majority of the movie was spent wandering around a bunker looking for clues and the need for thrills or fear without jump- scares was too few. When I think of many films I think of the fear they invoke, the torment and suspense that builds up and the sudden adrenaline rushes you get from when the movie goes into overdrive. Gehenna unfortunately did not have much of this. It relied a lot on jump-scares which were sometimes a little predictable.

The acting, especially by Eva Swan who plays the leader, Paulina was excellent, she hits all the right emotional notes when needed and the team follow well. The characters were all unique some you can like and some you can hate. There were often moments of social tension between them as the plot unfolds and the story goes on. This is often a very important aspect of movies. When you can relate to a character and understand them it often serves as the key ingredient when they are in danger, suffering or facing death. This builds a bond between the viewer and the characters. The characters were very likable, The fearless leader holding the team together, the loyal gentleman trying to do the right thing, the young scared boy, the nasty bully and of course the lovable one. Gehenna tries to build the characters on many levels, but they tend to leave parts too vague that you cannot connect with the characters which in turn ruins the atmosphere when the team are in the face of mortal danger. If you think about a lot of horror movies it gives you key insight into the character's past and current state that serves as the bond between understanding the character and the tension when they are in danger. There are many flashbacks to support the history of the tunnel, the location in which they were built, but when it comes to the characters it is simply too vague. As they are haunted by their past "demons" while they wander around the bunker, most of the time you do not know why they are being haunted or what happened to cause their guilt and pain. An opening scene in the movie serves as a reference for one character, but it was too short and vague to make any sense at the earlier stage of the movie. Later in the movie you learn why, but for the rest of the victims it serves no benefit.

Gehenna is overall a very good movie for the budget it has and for first time director, Hiroshi Katagiri. The performances are very good and the brief scenes from Lance Henrikson and Doug Jones are well used, albeit a little short. Had the film has more push, urgency and suspense it would have been a much better final product. For those who like horror movies but are a little squeamish of them this film would be ideal. It is not too scary and has some great moments that will make you cringe, but do not expect extreme fear or suspense.

Movie Gehenna: Where Death Lives download free

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Movie Gehenna: Where Death Lives download free

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